Is There More to the Story?

This virtual Bible Study is written by Jen Byrne, on Matthew 1:18-25.

In reading this passage from Matthew a few words came to mind: forgiveness, acceptance, understanding.  Joseph has gone from a man about to divorce his wife, because of a perceived infidelity, to a man who has been enlightened to the truth.  How many times are we quick to judge someone or a situation?  Do we ask, is there more to the story?  What else can I understand?  How often are our perceptions incorrect…do we even bother to find out?  But God helps Joseph to understand.  And then something amazing happens.  Joseph accepts this!  He has to be thinking, this is crazy!  What will people say?  But he accepts God’s call.  He accepts Jesus as his son.  He accepts his role in God’s plan.  Throughout this passage we see God at work.  Swirling around Mary and Joseph.  Once they realize He is in control, there is a calm.  A peace.  Will you allow God to work in your life?  Will you allow Him to show you the peace only He can give?  May the peace of Christ surround you this Christmas.  May you enjoy your time with friend and family knowing Jesus is with you.  Always.

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