Stumps Can Be Useful Too

In worship on Sunday, we talked about Isaiah 11:1-10 and Matthew 3:1-12.

The Isaiah passage states, ” A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots” (v. 1, NRSV). Christians view the shoot coming out from the stump of Jesse to be a prophesy for the coming of Jesus.

In the passage from Matthew 3, the word “repent” is used 3 times. In Sunday’s sermon, I shared how we can view “repentance” as turning around, as turning from something that is a barrier to our relationship with God, into something else that is life-giving.

Thinking of the stump mentioned in Isaiah…. Often we view stumps as being worth very little. The tree has been cut down, and what is left is in the way, and perhaps not very attractive. But, stumps can be useful too. If a shoot grows out of a stump, like Isaiah mentions, new life will grow.

Other beautiful things can happen to stumps. George Kenny of Allyn, Washington, makes a living carving art out of tree stumps with a chainsaw. You can view his artwork and sign up for his chainsaw carving school here.

Bob Villa also has some creative ideas of what to do with tree stumps:

If you’re feeling a bit like a tree stump in your walk with God — cut off, maybe even frozen and not sure how to turn around — remember that beautiful things can arise out of the gnarliest of stumps!

Peace, Love, and HOPE,

Pastor Christie

Tree Stump Chainsaw Sculpture

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