Church Building and Facilities






Fellowship Hall

Hope Lutheran Church has a fellowship hall perfect for wedding receptions,
wedding showers, birthday parties, and other events.
      • The Fellowship Hall (44′ x 63′) works for 20 people or 180 people
      • Maximum room occupancy of 186 people.
      • Commercial kitchen, perfect for catered events.
      • Eight 5 foot round tables holds up to 8 people each
      • Fourteen 8 foot rectangular tables holds up to 10 people
Click here for photos of Fellowship Hall and to request an event

Meditation Garden

A special place for Hope Lutheran Church is the Meditation Garden. 
Lovingly planted and tended by our members, the centerpiece contains memorial and commemorative bricks honoring special people and occasions.
If you would like to honor or remember a special person at Hope Lutheran Church, please contact Mary Beth Taylor at 513-703-3966.




We rejoice in the love that has brought you to inquire about weddings at Hope Lutheran Church! Our pastor is ordained by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and licensed by the state to officiate your wedding.  To assist you in planning for your beautiful day, please click here to view our wedding brochure.





As a ministry to bereaved families, the church has always provided rites and services for the burial of loved ones.


While there are a variety of burial practices, the most common are funerals and memorials, which are sometimes held in funeral homes, but more often in church where God’s grace and mercy are encountered through the Word.

The church emphasizes faith and themes of peace, hope and victory in the resurrection.  The deceased does not need to be a member of Hope.

There is no charge for the use of the sanctuary or the pastor’s services; however gifts are accepted as donations to the church.  A gift can be made directly to “Hope Lutheran Church”

The musician’s fee should be considered as well.  The American Guild of Organists sets the standard fee of $125.  Soloists or other musicians can be contracted by the family as well.