Prayer Request

Anonymous, March 7, 2020 - 2:02 am

I need prayer for marriage restoration and family reuniting. My husband is in a spiritual warfare, I pray that God opens his heart back to God and his eyes to the destruction he is causing the family.  I pray he stops abanding our family. That he wants to comes home and stops traveling for work to surround himself with Godly people that support/ encourage his growth. I pray he resists ALL temptations from Satan and my children don't think any of his sin is okay. Please Lord put a hedge of protection around my children and I to stay away from what is going on. I pray he actively shows up, participates and stays encouraged to go to our weekly Christian marital counciling to strengthen our marriage and family. Lord please give me the strength/ knowledge to be a better mom during this time while we wait on you to restore our marriage/ family and break generational sin. Lord be the foundation of my marriage and family.